Sunday, September 27, 2009

Check Out the Stamp of Approval Before Laying your Hands on an Ed Drug!

Nobody is stranger to the concept of ED drugs that are today available in the market. Erectile dysfunction being one of the most common diseases that attack the men all over the world, it was absolutely necessary that some kind of medication be made available. Earlier also there were some treatments for ED but nothing which was a sure shot solution for all patients. The so- called treatments were more of a trial and error method which proved helpful for some but completely flopped in case of some others. So these ED treatments never became that popular.

As ED was something that men were ashamed to talk about, it took a long, long time before an effective ED drug was invented. Erectile dysfunction was a taboo. The silence regarding ED made people forget the widespread presence of the disease. With the passage of time people started talking about the aspects of sex. Slowly the need was felt for a cure of ED and the result was that a few years back some great ED drugs were invented and made available in the market.

The magnum publicity campaign at the launch of the ED drugs made the people all over the world more open to sex as a whole and its issues. Soon it was seen that the erectile dysfunction drugs were selling like hot cakes. These drugs were like a lease of fresh air for the ones suffocated by impotence.

The ED drugs were a new concept. Hence, when the product was introduced into the market, there had to be some kind of affirmation and seal that was required so that the people could trust the drug.

All the oral ED drugs were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It was made necessary that all the side effects of the drugs were mentioned on the labels along with their obvious plus points and their compositions. The three ED drugs that are approved by the FDA are Pfizer Viagra, Bayer Levitra, and Lily Icos Cialis. ED drug Cialis is selling the most in the current times for some of the plus points that it has over the other ED treatments. The primary component of the drug is Sildenafil that has also been approved by the FDA as safe for the purpose of consumption. People can order cialis from the Online Pharmacies. When you buy Cialis Online just make sure that the product is FDA approved. Because there are some dangerous and ineffective drugs that are sold online that claim to cure ED and enhance sexual performance. These drugs are not cleared by the FDA or any such authority. So if you are lured by the big promises and the cheap prices then there are fair chances that you might be harmed. Don't gamble with your life; be cautious before leaping to these attractive claims made by any unapproved product.

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