Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Endless Race For Generic Cialis

William walked into work and saw his buddy Jim. "Did you use your Generic Viagra pill last night?" Jim asked. William whispered, "No, and it was Generic Cialis, by the way" and began to tell his friend that his girlfriend never showed up. "It's over, buddy, I think she found someone else". William threw the pill into the trash can and feeling sad about his girlfriend, he began his work day.

She was on his mind all day and he also thought about what a waste it was for him to obtain the Generic Cialis if she was gone now. At lunch, he checked his cell phone. It was a message from his girlfriend. Afraid to hear the message, but with his curiosity getting the better of him, he listened as she told him that her mother had called her for help and she had to drive far north to her mountain cabin. With no cell phone reception, she wasn't able to call William and now she asking him to come over to her home right after work.

William smiled; he had rushed into thinking something was wrong, when everything was great! He thought about what an exciting night he would have with her. Then, he jumped up when he realized that he threw his Generic Cialis away. He screamed to his friend Jim, "That was my last pill!" Without either of them knowing what time the trash was picked up, they ran to grab the pill William had thrown away. They ran so fast, they almost collided into each other and they came to a stop right next to the can. They stood in silence as they looked inside. It was empty.

Jim asked William ten times if he was sure he didn't have any more Generic Cialis or Generic Viagra pills. And ten times, William told him that it was his last pill until his shipment came the next day. As only best of friends would do for each other, Jim and William headed out to find the pill.

Racing to William's car, the friends jumped inside and flew down the street. "They can't be far", Jim yelled. "There!" yelled William, as he spotted the trash truck rounding a corner. With determination to get his pill, William drove fast. He came to a red light and had to slam on his brakes. The driver next to him yelled, "Watch out buddy! Don't you know how to drive?". "My pill!" was all that William yelled, as the light turned green and he continued pursuit of the trash truck.

Catching up to the truck, William honked his horn to get the driver's attention. The driver looked out the window and all he saw and heard was William pointing to the truck and yelling, "My pill, my pill, my pill!" With a shake of his head, the driver whispered, "Weirdo" and he continued toward the landfill to dump his load of trash. William began to beep his horn again. Now, the driver saw William pointing down to his lap, making kissing faces and screaming, "My pill!" I don't think he understood, Jim told William, as they noticed the trash truck was picking up speed; the driver though William was insane!
"We'll head him off and beat him to the landfill" William yelled as his car screeched around the corner. Both men stood outside their car, as the trash truck entered the lot. The friends ran over to the truck and both tried to explain at the same time. "My girl", "empty trash can" "her mother" "She still loves me" "Generic Viagra" "I can't let her down" "My buddy needs your trash!" The driver had no idea what was going on.

The truck dumped the trash into the large pile in the ground. Jim and William took one look at each other and both dove into the trash as if it were a swimming pool. It was one hour later, that William popped his head out of the trash: one hand holding the pill and a huge smile on his face.